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The World's First All-In-One Decentralized
Technology, Educational and Rewards Program

 About BitLocity

We are a group of developers and educators on a mission to share our knowledge with the world via BitLocity.

BitLocity is an educational technology platform designed to educate people worldwide about blockchain technology and its potential impact on their daily lives.

To our knowledge, BitLocity is the world's first all-in-one Decentralized Blockchain Educational Platform to offer a Rewards Program which combines Blockchain technology, peer-to-peer rewards, education, smart contract technology, and social network crowdfunding!

All designed to accelerate your understanding of cryptocurrency and its potential impact on your life!

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 Why BitLocity

There's NEVER Been Anything Like This...

The World's First All-in-One DECENTRALIZED


The world's first golbal peer-to-peer educational and  Crowdfunding initiative


Learn how the blockchain, bitcoin and digital currencies are shaping our futures.


Earn rewards in the most valuable currency in the world...BITCOIN

BitLocity Compensation Plan

BitLocity Academy VIP

Tesla Buys $1.5 BILLION in Bitcoin!


Q) What do I receive for the $25 yearly Membership Fee to Bitlocity's Academy, and what does it allow me to do?

A) For the $25 annual BitLocity Membership Fee to Bitlocity Academy, you will receive a mobile app that gives you access to our educational courses.

Q) Do I have to refer people to BitLocity to be eligible to receive any rewards potentially.

A) No, although it is possible there are no guarantees that someone not referring a person will ever receive contributions. The more someone refers others to the Bitlocity Academy, the more likely they are to receive Bitcoin rewards. 

Q) Does BitLocity make any promises to anyone that invests in their education that they will guarantee financial success?

A) No, similar to paying for any educational courses like college courses or graduate courses, what you use the education is dependent on the individual. Your success and others' success is all dependent on how each individual learns and applies the knowledge they have learned.

Q) Can the courses offered through BitLocity Academy be found anywhere by simply going to Google or YouTube?

A) No, BitLocity Academy courses are unique to our Independent Associates and are not something other companies offer. If one does a Google or YouTube search, you can find some basic knowledge to start.

Q) As an individual, I can sign up for multiple accounts to increase my opportunity to receive multiple revenue streams from the company. 

A) No, an individual is allowed only one account to access our education. Signing up for multiple accounts is strictly prohibited and could result in immediate termination. 

Q) Can I pay for my yearly $25 Membership Fee and the Bitlocity Academy courses with a credit card or online ACH?
A) No, because BitLocity is a digital education platform, and all purchases must be made in Bitcoin. 


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