Bitcoin Black is Airdropping over $36,000,000 worth of free coins


How does an eager audience of 1 million people visiting your website sound?

Now what if I told you we can offer this FOR FREE

This FREE marketing program is offered by the Bitcoin Black official website ecosystem where we are on the verge of expanding to 1 million dedicated members.

Bitcoin Black is a cryptocurrency aiming for global dominance with its ethical and technologically sound features that unite individual and business needs. And unlike other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Black is pursuing a  genuine, interested community before any IEO (initial exchange offering).

This community is built around a program designed to airdrop a fraction of Bitcoin Black’s total coins for free to 1 Million wallets prior to IEO so that it can spread the number of coins over more users to avoid the early adoption market manipulation that you see commonly with other coins trying for mass adoption. This fair distribution is a key component of what makes Bitcoin Black special and the 1 million airdrop is only one design feature that seeks to accomplish this. It is a cryptocurrency for the people. It will be a strong contender for the Global Currency of the future.

Bitcoin Black offers:

  • Fee free transactions.
  • Instant transactions.
  • Advance block lattice technology (with quantum resistence, and private transactions).
  • The ability to send money as easily as sending a SMS.
  • A simple and engaging user interface.
  • No mining – making it even more fair and more evenly distributed.
  • Easy access and simple sign-up process
  • Access to business technology intergration and support ( when it becomes available)

So, How do we get the Community to your website?


Bitcoin Black Members are an enthusiastic and eager crowd that will visit your website and buy from a Bitcoin Black member first. We support our community and wish to bring your business into the fold so that we can make this small group bigger, eventually expanding to a global force to be reckoned with. And your business will be ready for that time all while enjoying FREE ADVERTISING.

All that we ask… is that you watch the progress of Bitcoin Black in the future and look for the app, merchant apps, and payment gateways. Also, as Bitcoin Black progresses, consider using Bitcoin Black as a payment method for your business in the future.


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