CryptoBulls Update: Our #1 Top New Early Bird Program

Crypto Bulls Update: (Admin News) Our New Program Early Bird


he owners of Crypto Bulls are starting a new program soon and you can get in now from your Crypto Bulls back office. If you are not a member of Crypto Bulls yet, click on the link below now and join.

I have earned over 8 LTC with Crypto Bulls in the short time it has been online and many that joined with me have also earned from my spillover.

This new program will be a feeder for Crypto Bulls. If you upgrade to Shrimp at Crypto Bulls, you’ll get a free upgrade at the new site when you join from your back office.

What is RapidCrypto?

RapidCrypto is an Advertising Platform with a 100% Commission Plan,
a Giveaway Program and it serves also as a Network Wallet for all our members.

The Problem

With Bitcoin touching $40,000 and with the advent of the DeFi platforms
on the Ethereum Blockchain, transaction/miners fees are getting always higher.
We are managing over 50 sites and we are paying members every day so we are
constrained to apply higher fees because of the above reasons all this
resulting in thinner cashouts for the members of our network.

The Solution

To solve the problem above we have created RapidCrypto.

With RapidCrypto all the members of our network will be able
to move commissions from the sites of our Network (soon)
and group them under a single RapidCrypto wallet without fees.

Official launch date is 2/12. Get in before the launch by joining from your CryptoBulls back office today.

It is explained better in the CryptoBulls back office, so login or join today and read the admin news to find out more about this new program that includes the link to join the new program:

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