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A Tokenized Platform ‘Buy TERRA TOKENS’ Via Internal Exchnanger, Invest & Exchange To Any Crypto Of Your Choice!

  • Earn 4.5% Daily For 30 Days!
  • Principle is Included in Daily Earnings!
  • INTERNAL EXCHANGER To ‘Buy & Sell’ Terra Tokens!
  • INTERNAL EXCHANGER To All Fiat & Crypto Currencies!
  • Current Value Of TERRA Token 0.002 USD and Will Soar Soon!

TERRA Token Acts as a Share Of Our Company, The Token is Based on the Official Binance Chain Network protocol BEP-20. TERRA.

TERRA Token’s Use Cases: – PAY, P2P, HOLD, LEND -PAY: Use TERRA token as Payment System for an Investment on CoinTERRA Investment Platform. Fees are very Low on Binance Smart Chain network.

P2P: Use TERRA token for P2P transactions. Send and receive TERRA tokens between your friends, family and acquaintances on the BSC network instantly and with low fee cost.

HOLD: HOLD TERRA Token and Earn After the Token’s Price will Reach Higher Target.

LEND: Lend Tokens on Our Lending Platform.

INTERNAL EXCHANGER To All Fiat & Crypto Currencies!

8% – 3% – 1% – 1% Referral Commissions!

All Crypto & Fiat Payments!

Faster Payouts!


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IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM COINTERRA: You may received SPAM email from a fake project. DO NOT trust them! Be sure that you are coming only to Cointerra.io website! We attached screenshot of fake email bellow.

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