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RE: MAJOR MemeSECRETS UPDATE! [as of January 16th 2021 – 10:36 am EST US]

The following is a message by the creator of MemeSECRETS, which was sent out by email to all current members. It is basically the latest update on what all is happening these past days, in preparation of the launch set the first week of this February.

One of the reasons i transposed this into this blog is i wanted subscribers to my blog and email list, who have not yet taken the plunge and joined MemeSECRETS yet, to know that they are re-opening Founding Member positions starting this Monday (Jan 17th).  For how long they did not say but I’m assuming availability will be until when they official launch next month.  So I suggest you get in now while the special pricing is available because once we launch I can almost guarantee it won’t ever be available again.

So please read this “email” and decide sooner than later because February will coming sooner than you.  Don’t miss it!

++++++++++++++++++ START OF EMAIL ++++++++++++++++++


RE: MAJOR MemeSECRETS UPDATE! [as of January 16th 2021 – 10:36 am EST US]

😁🎶 Hello,

Thanks for your patience!

It’s been a brutal, brutal week. (I need three brutal’s)

…I had to bunker down some days to focus, communicate with partners, and resolve our next steps — due to technological vulnerabilities.

It seemed like timely progress was being made, so I wanted to see it through before communicating verdicts to you prematurely.

Well after now two weeks without one goodnight sleep’s…

I’m happy to say we resolved our path moving forward! I hope to update you further via video soon, but I’ll give you the basic details below.

*First things first…

Member content will commence rollout this weekend throughout next week. You’ll see lessons begin surfacing inside the Members Portal. (*Updates will be posted)

I’m also working on getting our entire foundation series finalized…. though some of you may have some specific desires to help you get started, especially on our affiliate promoters side. (*Swipes already in the works)

(…If that’s you, you may want wait until our first round of content has all surfaced, at which time you can submit your desired input in THE BOX. I’ll review personally for consideration)

As for our early promoters… things immediately kicked off quite favorable.


 Early MemeSECRETS Members Earning


A nice start…

Nearly 20% of all customers have already earned a commission.

No joke.

The crazy part?

…MemeSECRETS is only two weeks old.

…We haven’t opened lower price points.

…We haven’t even taught anything yet!

It’s only going to get exponentially gnarlier.

Confused about how to begin producing?

Don’t stress it.

I understand you’re anxious. (I am too… FOR YOU)

We’re going to help everyone make progress as soon as absolutely possible.

We just need proceed responsibly in order to make it happen.



We started out with:

— Some member login issues

— Some blocked cookie issues

— Some customer email issues

Those are just (some) basic frustrations that shouldn’t exist.

…I knew we were going to experience some glitches and challenges as we breed this animal, most expectantly during EARLY rollout times…

~It’s why we held a pre-launch.

~It’s why we only let in annual members.

Doing so; gave us a head start in spotting areas necessary for innovation.

Because as soon as sales began flowing… quicksand appeared in the distance.

So I made the executive decision to pivot NOW, rather than later.



*It’s official;  We’re integrating into a custom system!

Our new Member & Affiliate portal will be ready in just a few weeks…

This will allow us to:

— Serve customers better

— Best Track affiliates sales…

— Carry different payout options

— Create custom solutions…

— Improve system security

I’ll update you more as we proceed, though we’re aiming to make this as seamless as absolutely possible…

All existing tracking as well as current member portals will remain in place as well, so we can make the migration softer, while also running both the current and the new tracking systems – to ensure integrity.

Another major benefit is the new system will all be under ONE ROOF!

(Content, affiliate links, reporting, profile, genealogy, etc…)



Over this past week, I figured out two things;

The first being we can’t mitigate current vulnerabilities if we open the floodgates, with lower offers. The other being, our initial conversions were insane.

Probably the highest I’ve seen online in 15 years.

But one contribution to that was early FOUNDERS BONUSES.

…And so because we are going to hold-back our next phase of release (in order to finish preparing our new system), I also don’t want to hold-back current earning potential for all of you promoting.

Some of you are promoting this really, really hard… and I want you to GET PAID as MUCH as possible. So after taking this weekend to finish playing catchup…

We’ll be RE-OPENING our early Founders offer on MONDAY.

(*Anyone that’s joined between bonus windows will be upgraded!)



There is a LOT of activity to account for over these next few weeks, while we work to get this party started… including some specifics you may request.

*I’d like to ask you to trust the process.

Content will start steadily flowing ~ so we can also propagate the Members Portal appropriately for our OFFICIAL OPENING…

Our entire course foundation however should be complete, as a starting point, by the time we officially open further doors, currently scheduled for February 1st. 

I feel confident about the date, after this otherwise unforgiving week… we’ll redefine anything required as we trek onward.

And while I love speed, we also need play the long game.

…Evaluating our current growth potential, required innovation to ensure we have the proper infrastructure and technology for both Members & Affiliate Partners.

This movement is going to be ruthless. 🏁

Appreciate all of you,

⚡️ Your energy matters.

~ David, founder


P.S. I’ll have all coming updates posted to the UPDATES tab in your Members Portal… anything and everything added over the coming days and weeks.

P.P.S. Emails will (also) be sent out when necessary via updates, while Member Content & Affiliate Tools will be propagating throughout the week.

++++++++++++++++++ END OF EMAIL ++++++++++++++++++


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