Etherconnect – 37 Hours To Go #1 EYFI Token / $0.10 Cents To 100X or 1000X!

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Hey fellow investor,

If you missed the following email i sent out earlier, i just want to say the price for EYFI has risen from $0.10 Cents last June 17th to it’s current price of $0.550, as of June 20th 2021 !!

this is not to say you’re too late, this is the PRIVATE Ground Floor Sale… they haven’t gone public yet. NOW, can you imagine where the price will be then? So, if you haven’t registered yet please do so. it will entitle you to get in on the current price before it goes public where it will REALLY EXPLODE. register here A.S.A.P. and then read the following email and then the links for further details on what to do next.

  1. Register your ECC account here:
  2. Then go to this link for follow-up details:


To your online success,
alex alaska p

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Etherconnect – Upline – 37 Hours To Go EYFI Token / $0.10 Cents To 100X or 1000X!


Just 37 Hours To GO!
On 17th June at 12 PM GMT!
EYFI Token Going Live In ETHERCONNECT Website!

Brand New 100x Token Called EYFI!
Get in Early at the Ground Floor Private Sale For $0.10 Cents !
Public Sale At $1.50 Per EYFI Token,Exchange Listing $5 Per Token!

Expected to Hit $10-$100 in Coming 90 Days or so.

The Fastest Growing Token in the History of Crypto on BSC with Over
87,000 Unique Token Holders in First 96 Hours and Growing Every Second!
Easy 100X to 1000X Per Token!

In 22 Days Their Platform will Go Live…
EYFI Finance Team is Solid and Bringing Cross Chain DEX, Yield Farming, IDO
and NFT Market Place, EYFI Staking & Lending: https://EIFI.finance/

ALSO Existing Members,

If You Buy More and Stake More ECC You Get FREE EYFI To Earn More!

” If you have 200 ECC in your Staking protocol then you will have 20 EYFI coins in your
Staking wallet and it will open as per the ECC coin staking open.

If you have 200 ECC in your Referral & Reward, and Withdraw wallet, then you will
have 20 EYFI coins, which you can sell at any time.”

Private Sale of EYFI Token Reserved for ECC Community Starting
On 17th June at 12 PM GMT Links to Buy will Go Live !

5% 3% 2% Referral Commissions!
All Commissions Paid Out in EYFI!

Get your BTC,ETH,TRON,BNB Ready!

Login & Fund Be Ready:

IMPORTANT: EYFI Token Sale Goes Live On On 17th June.

Disclaimer – All Online Opps Are Risky no matter what, It is upto one’s own risk to Invest


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