Huge 1000X!! Etherconnect From Bitconnect Which Paid Millions – All Cryptos!

73 / 100

Hurry 1000X Potential!

Just 34 Days, Over 87,000 Members and 26,000 Paid Members!

Close To 3000-4000 New Members Are Joining Daily Now!

Etherconnect ‘ECC Token’ From Bitconnect Team Which Paid Millions!

  • Earn 0.33% To 0.58% Daily Passive Upto 365 Days!
  • Earn 10% To 17.5% Monthly / Daily Passive Upto 365 Days!

ECC Token Will be Listed In Binance & Major Exchanges (June Or July) 2021

Just Started Has The Potential To Go From 10 Cents To $500 Per Token!

Currently At 0.1144 Cents Going Up + Staking Income Of 0.33% Daily to 0.6% Daily. One Leader Today Staked $25,000 Ethereum!

  • A Similar Staking Project Called BCC Did 2300X in 2017!
  • The Coin Went From 17 Cents to $400 At Its Peak!
  • Investors and Leaders Made from $1 Million to Even $100 Million!
  • One Leader Made $5 Million in 90 Days In 2017 With That Project!
  • And He believes the Numbers Will be 10x Bigger As Market Size Increased Now!

I Just Found Old Bitconnect Leaders Jumping in Scheduling Meetings And Seminars! Bitconnect 1 Top Promoter Started Marketing, Ad Campaigns For Etherconnect In Malaysia!

A 3 Step Business Model:

  • Buy Coins From $50 Minimum To No Maximum , Coins Get Automatically Staked And price Goes Up Everyday As More Demand And Less Supply and We also make Passive Monthly Staking Income of 10% to 18% monthly ( Paid Daily).
  • Spread The Word and Get Paid From 10 Levels Deep On Coins Bought and Staked.
  • Enjoy Profits – All Daily Staking Income + Team Commissions Paid Out In ECC Coins Which We Can Hold For 100X Income Or Can Cash Out Daily Without Any Conditions.

Huge Ranking & Rewards Bonuses:

8% – 3% – 2% – 1% – 0.5% – 0.5% – 0.5% – 0.5% – 0.25% – 0.25% Referral Commissions!

You Must Refer 1 To 3 Referrals Minimum To Earn in Referral Levels

1% To 10% Matching Sponsor Level Daily Income!

Exchange ANY CRYPTO’S Instantly To BTC,ETH,BNB In The Most Trusted Exchanger: www { dot} changenow {dot} io And Join The ECC Program Immediately

$50 Minimum Staking Plan + Always Add $1 or $2 More Better!
Nothing To Loose As All Goes Into Staking!

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin For Deposits!

Ethereum Wallets For Withdrawal!

Instant Deposits & Instant Withdrawals!

$51 Bitcoin, Ethereum & Binance Coin!



How to make a deposit and activate your Etherconnect Account

Some frequently asked questions regarding ECC & EIFI

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