Pandu Inu token test-trading on Pancakeswap has shown Huge gains of 16,700%, in less than a 24 hour period…

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The Pandu Inu Token

I am not one of those admins that email you daily trying to persuade you to buy or upgrade. I only email you when there is a need to update you or something so juicy has fell into my lap that I feel I need to share it with you guys.

Bottom line is this, first understand I an not a financial advisor or anything like that. I sell ad space. But every so often I run across a site or opportunity that will benefit the masses. Thus, sharing it with you becomes a necessity because I am here to make sure everyone benefits. Yes, there is a risk. There is always a risk in everything you do online. But what I am about to share with you is amazing and can make most of you million to billionaires if you do this correctly. I usually do not talk about how you can become rich, but this I feel is the most secure way that you will ever achieve your goals financially.

This PandaINU token is blowing up already just in live test phase…

We had officially launched test trading on pancake swap with 19,120,000 PWT tokens and 100 BNB Liquidity Pool to establish a price action history for the token and commence the process of listing with Trust Wallet , Coinmarket cap etc etc
The trading has been launched at price of $0.0025 ( 50x of private sale round 1 🤑🤑🤑🤑 ) It has gone to trade and peak as to high as 0.42 USD in less
than a 24 hour period, which is basically an increase of over 16,700% !!!

It is already at $0.33 and yesterday went as high as $0.45. Right now our team is buying when it’s low and selling when it’s high on pancake swap. But that is just to get some quick spending cash. The true winners will be created by participating in the back office private sale at EtherConnect. Right now in the private sale the price is $0.00016000 per PandInu.

So this is where you want to purchase your tokens so when they are released at the end of the private sale, you trade on pancake and become thousandnaires, millionaires, even billionaires for some. With the price as low as it is now, this is the best time to purchase. $100 will get you about 625,000 PandaINU tokens. Even if the price remains at $0.33 right now at time of release that is still $206,250 usd. That is a lot of money, especially those in poverty stricken countries. But even more so, experts predict PandaINU to rise to four figure value (1000x). But even at just $10 – $100 will make alot of people rich around the world. Those who buy more now while the price is extremely low, will be the ones to benefit the most.

This is why I am encouraging every able member that reads this email to create a free account at EtherConnect and purchase PandaINU coins. Do as much as you can and do not be afraid to go “ALL IN”! I did myself and bought 11million my first time buying. But understand this, right now they are in the second round of presale. The price rises daily. Once presale is over they will enter the final round of presale at the price of. $0.000200000 which is 4x higher than round 1. Listing price on pancake swap started at $0.0025 50x higher than round 1 and already price is at $0.33.

This shows you promise that your investment will be beneficial once you get started. Those that participate in the private sale, understand there is a lock-in period so the value of panda coin will not be depreciated by people selling too quickly. We have all this information on our Team Phoenix Telegram (do not spam group or you will be ejected and reported) so you are more than welcome to stop by for some more information. For those that are ready to get some panda coins please follow the instructions below so you can get set up properly and smoothly.


USA members must use VPN in order to register. All other countries are normal registration. Click here to register at EtherConnect.

Once you have completed registration, click on the ORANGE BUY NOW button under “PandaINU Private Sale Is Live”
Then scroll down a little bit and you will see 4 buttons to choose how you want to pay. BTC, ETH, BNB, and TRX.

Once you chosen how to pay, it will ask you how much in usd do you want to purchase. Any amount will do but I recommend doing the very most highest you can afford. (remember never to go above your financial means. Do not sacrifice bill or food money to buy Panda).

After putting in the amount you wish, you will then click on Preview/Confirm to review your order.

Then you will click on “Show QR” which will give your the payment address to send your payment to. You will log into your wallet of choice and send BTC, ETH, or TRX to the address they give you. BNB will need to connect to your wallet and follow prompts from there.

BTC, ETH, BNB transactions will complete once you have sent the payment.

*NOTE: If paying with TRX remember to click the “CLICK HERE AFTER SENDING TRANSACTION” button so the system will verify transaction. Some transactions complete faster than others so make sure to be patient.
To see your coins just click on dashboard to view.

Following these steps will help you have a smooth registration and purchase. If you have questions just pop into our team telegram and we will be happy to help.

And finally the cream of the crop. This is something that you do not want to keep to yourself. The more people you spread this too, you will actually earn and build a downline as well, down 10 levels of earning. Just showing others how to register and buy PandaINU tokens.

And this income is paid in ECC tokens that are also worth about $2 per coin when listed on the exchange. This is not something you want to ignore. You can’t reach your goals if you too scary to take a chance. You already know most of your other programs you have rely on referring others.

This program relies on your own personal efforts and what you want to accomplish in financial growth. The proof is here and results are dang near guaranteed. The only thing left to do is click here to register and buy your PandaINU tokens.


Admin Staff.


Register at Etherconnect here, to be eligible for the 1 ECC for 20 Panda inu tokens offer.

*NOTE: In some countries (like the United States, you may need a VPN to access the Etherconnect website. it may show
a “site or service unavailable” 503 error, or similar. You can get a free VPN here.)

Register at EIFI.com to receive future updates for everything related to EIFI & the Panda Inu tokens.

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