Next Price For PandaInu Coin = $0.000100

80 / 100

We are about 80 % sold out in round 1 of pandainu in first 48 hours of going live and will be a sell out in next 72 hours or less

The prices will double from $0.000050 to $0.000100 Per Panda Coin

Make sure to login to your ECC backoffice now and get your panda inu coins

Team EIFI And Team PandaInu

P.S Quick email to give you important updates regarding Panda Inu private sale

It’s crazy momentum everywhere and social media is buzzing

Its become the talk of the town which is a good news and bad news !

Good news is that PandaInu is a sure shot hit and is liked by masses which means it will do very well on exchanges

Bad news is that Private Sale round 1 will be over soon and Price will Double to $0.000100 any moment now for round 2 !

Unless you want to pay double for the same coins which you can get for half the price , we suggest you to login to your ECC backoffice rightaway

and grab your share of PandaInu Round 1 Private Sale !

We crashed all the servers which is always a good sign in any launch 🙂

Once you deposit , make sure to stay patient as there are too many transactions happening and coins can take upto 24 hours to reflect in your dashboard

Though deposits done using Ethereum , BTC are working the fastest

TRX ones are taking time becuase of the big queue

If you can afford the gas fees , we highly recommend to use ETH to buy PandaInu Coins!

It’s Action Time

P.S.S If You Have Not yet created your FREE ECC Account to

participate in Private Sale Round 1 Of Panda Inu…


Register at Etherconnect here, to be eligible for the 1 ECC for 20 Panda inu tokens offer.

*NOTE: In some countries (like the United States, you may need a VPN to access the Etherconnect website. it may show
a “site or service unavailable” 503 error, or similar. You can get a free VPN here.)

Register at EIFI.com to receive future updates for everything related to EIFI & the Panda Inu tokens.

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