(Admin News) Hurry 1000X!! Etherconnect 20 ECC = 1 EIFI Free Worth $260 Passive Income!

78 / 100

A Double Way Tokenized Platform, Which Can Soar To 1000X!

    1. Earn 0.33% To 0.58% Daily Passive Up to 365 Days in ECC Tokens!
    2. Earn 10% To 17.5% Monthly / Daily Passive Upto 365 Days in ECC Tokens!
    3. Every 20 ECC ($6.93) = 1 EIFI ($260)

ECC/EIFI Token Will be Listed In Binance & Major Exchanges (AUGUST Or SEPTEMBER) 2021


RIGHT NOW, 20 ECC Staked Earns You 1 Free EIFI Worth $260!

The MORE ECC You Stake The More EIFI You Earn!

Join NOW: https://etherconnect.co/register/u2aNXNCakq

The Compound Effect:

” Sell Your ECC Earnings Into Ethereum, Then Use That Ethereum To Buy More ECC To Increase Your Daily Passive Income…”

This Platform is Designed to Provide Multiple Opportunities & Benefits for its Investors, Traders, and Users to Earn Profit Daily!

ECC/EIFI Amazing Corporate Team With Years Of Experience in Tech And Marketing!

Upcoming For August – September 2021:

    • Trading and Cashing Of EIFI Tokens!
    • World Class DEX Coming Up August 2021!
    • Highest APY% Of Upto 2000% Coming!
    • LaunchPad To Trading To DEFI Yields To APYS to NFTS …

EIFI Media Partners Are Morning Star,SpinDigit,Yahoo Finance,Yahoo News, SNN News,WB0C Delmavrs News, FOX 40, WRDE Coast TV.

8% – 3% – 2% – 1% – 0.5% – 0.5% – 0.5% – 0.5% – 0.25% – 0.25% Referral Commissions!

Refer 1 To 3 Active Referrals Minimum To Earn in Referral Levels

1% To 10% Matching Sponsor Level Daily Income!

Huge Ranking & Rewards Bonuses!

All Ethereum Wallets For Deposit and Withdrawal!

Instant Deposits & Instant Withdrawals!

All Cryptos Accepted For Deposits!

Deposit, at least, $51 Ethereum!

Join NOW: https://etherconnect.co/register/u2aNXNCakq

*NOTE: the link above is a DIRECT link to register your account. IF, you
still need more info, you can do your “due diligence” by perusing the blog
theAlexanGroup.com for more info on EIFI and Etherconnect. 🙂

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