When Can I Withdraw My EIFI Tokens So I Can Trade Them? – #1 Big Time Asked Question

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The #1 question we have been getting in our groups is

” When Can I Withdraw My EIFI Tokens So I Can Trade Them “

We have answered that in almost every email of ours but we will like to answer it again here

Token withdrawls will start from September 1st and 1 % of your free airdrop account balance you will be able to withdraw monthly !

This is done so that there is no dumping in the market and people with long term holding vision are rewarded the maximum !

Imagine if you accumulate 1000 tokens till then by working on your EIFI business and price is around $300 range !

Then if you withdraw 10 tokens monthly i.e $300*10 = $3000 monthly income which will increase over a period of time !

We are here to create legacy and patience is the key to success !

If I am you , I will get busy referring EIFI token free airdrop to as many people as I can and accumulate as many free EIFI tokens possible till September 1st !

However if you can’t be bothered waiting till September 1st or referring people , you can simply go to pancake swap and start trading EIFI right off the gate !

People who bought EIFI at $30 and sold at $330 made a 1000 % profit in less than a week !

FREE Lunches always come with a catch πŸ™‚




Congrats On Joining EIFI.Com
*If you haven’t already:

Join here to grab FREE EIFI token:

Join here to register and purchase BOTH ECC AND EIFI tokens:

Your FREE 0.3 EIFI Token has been credited in your backoffice and you can collect 0.3 FREE Referral token for every verified referral !

EIFI is already trading on pancake swap for over $200 at the time of writing this email – So That’s Basically FREE money for you !

There is no minimum or maximum and the more people you refer to EIFI.Com FREE Airdrop – more FREE tokens you will collect

These tokens are in limited supply and will soon reduce from 0.3:0.3 ratio to to 0.1:0.1

So make the best use of time and maximize your tokens !

Here are few rules you must be aware of to participate in this airdrop :

Make sure not to use fake email addresses or run bots to create fake accounts

Our compliance team will easily detect fake accounts and those fake accounts will be blocked and ur efforts waisted

These Free Tokens are only for honest hard-working community and only 1 account per family Per IP address will be considered

Dont try to game the system

These FREE tokens will be released starting September into BSC wallets once our current ongoing private sale with ECC and soon to start public sale is over

There will be a vesting ( lockup) for the free referral tokens and you will be allowed to withdrawal a small amount monthly

There Is no rule for minimum or maximum referrals : Refer as many as you like ( No FAKE Referrals )

Be honest , play fair and let everyone have a fair chance

Also Make sure to follow and join our main social media channels in order to claim your tokens

Telegram Channel : https://t.me/etheryieldfarmingofficial

Telegram Group : https://t.me/Etheryieldfarming

Twitter Page : https://twitter.com/eififinance

Here Are Official EIFI Token Details

You can see all live trades here on poocoi , dextools + Token details on BSCScan




You can add EIFI token on pancake swap by choosing the option of adding custom tokens and entering this information

Token OFFICIAL Smart Contract Address :



Token Symbol : EIFI

Decimal Digits : 8

We infact encourage all of you to participate in trading with small amounts and have a flawless experience 😎😎

Also you can start earning passive income by providing liquidity for BNB-EIFI pair πŸ€‘πŸ€‘

Here is a quick tutorial on how to do that:

This will have you start making a small % of every single transaction happening on BNB-EIFI pair inside pancake swap i.e every time someone buys EIFI or sell EIFI against BNB – you will earn a tiny percentage πŸ™‚ πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

Passive income at its best πŸ’°

Get busy spreading the word and lets get ready for an amazing 2021 with EIFI Finance ✊✊

Last but not the least , our tech team is already working behind the scenes to deliver a world class DEX exchange in next 30-45 days or so and the yield returns which you guys are about to expeirence are unheard of πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š

Upto 2000 % or more πŸš€πŸš€

Note : Private sale still continues inside ECC backoffice and soon public sale will start at EIFI.Com backoffice

Stay tuned for more details πŸ™‚


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