Latest EtherConnect, EIFI, Panda Inu & ECC UPDATES 1:

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September 26st 2021

Etherconnect Introducing New ECC 2.0 Staking for worldwide community

Since we first introduced our first staking program for our worldwide community, the tremendous demand to stake $ECC has made it one of the most popular and rewarding programs out there. MORE…


September 21st 2021

September 5th 2021

95 % – Pandu Inu Price Increase ALERT !

We are about 95 % sold out in round 2 of panda inu in first 10 days of going live and will be a sell out in next 3 days or less

Current price is $0.00019500 and will hit $0.00025000 moment barometer in backoffice reaches 100 %

Make sure to login to your ECC backoffice now and get your panda inu coins

Team EIFI And Team Panda

P.S Quick email to give you important updates regarding Panda Inu
private sale

It’s crazy momentum everywhere and social media is buzzing

Its become the talk of the town which is a good news and bad news !

Good news is that PandaInu is a sure shot hit and is liked by masses which means it will do very well on exchanges

Bad news is that Private Sale round 2 will be over soon and Price will Double to $0.0002500 any moment in next few days for round 3 !

Unless you want to pay double for the same coins which you can get for half the price , we suggest you to login to your ECC backoffice rightaway

and grab your share of PandaInu Round 2 Private Sale !

We crashed all the servers which is always a good sign in any launch πŸ™‚

Once you deposit , make sure to stay patient as there are too many transactions happening and coins can take upto 24 hours to reflect in your dashboard

Though deposits done using Ethereum , BTC are working the fastest

TRX ones are taking time becuase of the big queue

If you can afford the gas fees , we highly recommend to use ETH to buy PandaInu Coins!

It’s Action Time!

P.S.S If You Have Not yet created your FREE ECC Account to

participate in Private Sale Round 1 Of Panda Inu , Here’s Your Link:

EIFI Coin Update: 2nd Milestone Crossed + What’s Ahead In September !

Boom 2nd Milestone Crossed With Over 20,000 Holders πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘

100,000 Holders Is Not Far Way πŸ”₯

AMM Dex On The Way βš‘️⚑️

Congrats To Our Eary Presale Buyers : You Pretty Much Are In Profit on just first 10 % release πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

Patience Pays In Crypto πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

EIFI Multiple Exchange Listings Incoming …πŸ₯ŠπŸ₯ŠπŸ₯ŠπŸ₯Š

ECC Launch On Pancake swap On The Way πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

Panda CMC Listing On The Way πŸ€‘

If you haven’t already, register your EtherConnect account now and retire in potentially 5-10 years! CLICK HERE.

AUGUST 24th 2021

5 Important Updates Regarding EtherConnect projects: ECC, EIFI, AMM DEX and

Kindly Read , Take Notes And FWD To ALL Your Teams

1) Based on popular demand from top leadership and anticipation of release of AMM Dex From Team EIFI , ECC management has decided to give a one time final extension of 20 days for the launch of ECC trading on Uniswap + EIFI AMM DEX

Scheduled Date For Start Of Trading of ECC = 15th September , 2021

Platforms : Uniswap , Sushiswap , EIFI AMM DEX

2) Based on increased demand of last few weeks and rapid growth of our global network in Russia , Vietnam , India And Africa : ECC Launch Price On Uniswap Has Been Doubled From $1 to $2 πŸ™‚ Which Means Bigger Profits For Those Currently Involved 

Note : $2 Is The Initial Launch Price For The Liquidity Pool for ECC/USDT And ECC/ETH Pairs On Uniswap And From there the price will depend on live trading

3) After 15th September , Once ECC Live trading starts : all staking rewards in ECC backoffice will be based on real time live trading price of ECC on DEX Platforms

All withdrawals will be done in ECC which you will be able to withdraw into your Trust Wallet/Metamask and then swipe against USDT or ETH or other pairs based on live liquidity and pricing across the exchanges

Liquidity Pools will increase/decrease based on real time ECC Staking / Withdrawls

Trading Pairs For ECC/EIFI , EIFI/Panda , ECC/Panda will also be made live across various DEX’es

This marks the first important step towards complete decentralization of ECC and ensuring that the platform is build to last and is governed by community

4) We are aware of the current tech glitches when it comes to distribution of staking rewards for new and old users and its being worked on as we speak and should be 100 % solved in next 24 to 48 hours or sooner 

5) Airdrop Schedule in backoffice for EIFI and Panda will go as published and no changes there

5) ECC’s Ultimate Vision of becoming the most powerful community driven Crypto launchpad is slowly and surely coming TRUE

We have successfully raised funds for nut just one but two innovative crypto projects

  • Panda Inu Military Grade Crypto Wallets

And Next In Line is NFT platform more details on which will be revealed in October First Week

There are 100’s of projects currently lining up to partner up with ECC for their ICO’s , IDO’s , IFO’s etc and all we can say is rest of 2021/22 looks amazing for our entire community

We would also like to take a moment and say Kudos To all our hard working global affiliates

None of this was possible without you all

Keep Sponsoring , Keep Building : You All Will Retire With This Platform




Register at Etherconnect here, to be eligible for the 1 ECC for 20 Panda inu tokens offer.

*NOTE: In some countries (like the United States, you may need a VPN to access the Etherconnect website. it may show
a “site or service unavailable” 503 error, or similar. You can get a free VPN here.)

Register at to receive future updates for everything related to EIFI & the Panda Inu tokens.

Peruse this blog for articles all related to either Etherconnect, EIFI, ECC and/or Panda Inu, as well other cryptocurrency and marketing posts.

AUGUST 14th 2021

Pandainu | What are meme coins | Which is the next big Meme Coin | Next Doge Killer [VIDEO]

AUGUST 13th 2021

We recommend you to highly watch this video on youtube by one of our top affiliates  giving his price prediction on Panda Inu

Can Panda Inu Do 1000x ?

It’s a very interesting question and in this video you will hear his opinion

as well as opinions of many other viewers in the comments section

Watch this 18 minute video now and then let us know your thoughts in the comments section below the video



Register at Etherconnect here, to be eligible for the 1 ECC for 20 Panda inu tokens offer.

Register at to receive future updates for everything related to EIFI & the Panda Inu tokens.

Peruse this blog for articles all related to either Etherconnect, EIFI, ECC and/or Panda Inu, as well other cryptocurrency and marketing posts.

AUGUST 7th 2021

Here are 5 Latest Important EIFI Updates

1) Implementation of withdrawal tech from ECC Backoffice to BSC has been successfully implemented and all ECC members can withdraw upto 0.4 EIFI Tokens 
Note : The current market pricing fluctuations are obvious as members who came in early in private sale from 10 cents to $10 are realizing their gains slowly slowly 
Be ready for bigger and wilder fluctuations once we open larger withdrawals starting September 1st 

2) 1st September onwards proper withdrawals of EIFI Coins will start both from ECC as well As EIFI.Com backoffice
10 % Monthly for purchased tokens – Will be Released daily 1 % Monthly for airdropped tokens – Released daily
So if you have lets say 30,000 EIFI Tokens – 3000 Tokens will be unlocked for month of September and everyday you will be able to withdraw upto 100 tokens 
Similarly for october , november and so on

Note : Test trading was launched with 5000 tokens to establish a price action history as well as get token listed in Trust Wallet , CoinMarketCap , Poocoin , dex tools etc etc
Once we start releasing the tokens starting 1st September , approximate 1000,000 to 500,000 new tokens will enter the system every month and hence wilder price swings 
Always have a 5 year vision when entering into tokens especially into private sale stages !

3) EIFI AMM DEX tech is being build up everyday and as per our tech lead should be ready for testing in approx 2 weeks from now with SWAP feature and later on yield farming , staking pools etc
We cannot give exact time and date for the launch of AMM dex as tech is always unpredictable and good things do take time to build but August Is looking positive for Beta launch of EIFI AMM DEX platform

4) Panda Inu token will be the second token to be trading on our AMM Dex platform side by side with ECC And EIFI 
It’s a essential part of our ecosystem with ECC being the governance token , EIFI being the DEX token , Panda being the Decentralized Wallet token and upcoming NFT token In October for NFT markets
We will start with BNB pairs and expand into various other pairs including cross chain trading pairs

5) Buzz for panda Inu token is getting bigger and bigger and we do encourage our entire EIFI family to participate in private salevia ECC dashboar
Kindly contact any of our global ECC affiliates and create your FREE account and then wait for the private sale of panda inu token to start
We have one of the largest communities in crypto space with mind blowing statistics

Telegram channel of over 250,000 peopleTelegram group maxed out at 200,000 membersTwitter Channel of over 190,000 membersEmail List of over a million members
As they say , build it and they will come 
We would like to Say Bring them First , Engage Them First , Then Build It And Then Let Everyone Make $$$$ πŸ™‚ 

Hope you all ready for Yield Farming Gains with EIFI with as much as 2000 % APY’s 

P.S Let’s play and see your guess for the price of EIFI in exactly 48 hours from now
$10-$25 Range$25-$50 Range$50-$75 Range$75-$100 Range$100-$50 Range
If you guess the exact price 48 hours from now , you will also win $200 cash

Participate here in the latest port

AUGUST 3rd 2021

This is quite an important and exciting UPDATE if you have investments related EtherConnect. in this case we are talking about ECC & EIFI tokens. if you don’t wish to read the announcement, just view the following video by fellow investor/Youtuber who goes by the moniker “Defi Dude”.

Private info [for investors of] AND A Major EIFI / ECC Announcement

We are excited to announce the rollout of second ICO for ECC/EIFI Community πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Here Are Important Details 😊

Name Of Token : Pandainu Token

( Meme Project Backed With Actual Real Use Case Of Decentralized Crypto Wallets With Military Grade Security )

Official Website And Relevant Details For Start of ICO Coming Soon πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

Start of ICO Dates : Approx 3rd Week of August – Countdown Timer Will Be LIVE Soon Inside ECC Dashboard πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

Affiliate Commissions For ECC Community : 5 % , 3 % , 2 %


( All Paid out In ECC Coins From First Day ) πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

Airdrop For ECC Community : Snapshot will be taken on 30th September of ECC coins in both staking wallet and available balance wallet and Pandainu Tokens will be given in airdrop in 1:20 ratio πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

Yes for every 1 ECC you have in your ECC dashboard , you will get 20 FREE Pandainu Tokens


Hold More ECC : Earn More FREE Tokens 🦾🦾🦾🦾🦾

Note : Airdrop of Batch 3 And Final Batch of EIFI Tokens will happen as per schedule and on 31st August snapshot will be taken of ECC coins in available balance and FREE EIFI will be given in 50:1 ratio ( 50 FREE ECC Coins = 1 EIFI Coin )

Also soon every few days , small quantities of EIFI tokens will start getting unlocked from your ECC and EIFI backoffices

We are planning to release 1000-5000 EIFI tokens every few days in the beginning to total circulating supply of EIFI tokens on pankcake swap and increase it as more and more users join the community

Future Looks Bright !😎😎😎

We created history with successful promotions ( still ongoing ) of EIFI and helping EIFI team create one of the largest crypto communities out there ❀️❀️❀️❀️

Now Panda Token launch will be backed with both ECC And EIFI communities and you can imagine the kind of awareness this project is about to have

Should we call it Doge Coin Killer :- ) πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š

Get Ready for a Busy August And Lots Of Profits For Our Worldwide Affiliates In ECC


Team ECC and EIFI

P.S If you are a part of EIFI community and not ECC , We highly recommend to get in touch with any of our global ECC affiliates and get registered ASAP to participate in this launch and earn more FREE Tokens

AUGUST 1st 2021

Latest EtherConnect ZOOM Meeting Replay from July 31st 2021

JULY 29th 2021

When Can I Withdraw My EIFI Tokens So I Can Trade Them?

JULY 28th 2021

1 EIFI token @ $13.4 Now ( Presale Price )

Public Sale Is Officially Live and prices are going up every hour

We started at $10 few days back and now it’s $13.4 per EIFI Coin

At this pace we should be hitting $14 next in next few days !

Log in to your back-office now and go to Exchange , Choose Currency TRX , Eth or BNB and then enter amount in USD and Click on Preview USD and it will display you QR code

Send The Exact Amount and you will get credit of Your EIFI tokens moment transaction is confirmed 🦾


P.S Our current trading price is over $250 on pankcake swap

You can verify it here:

The tokens being bought in pancake swap are at much higher price as decided by the market however are 100 % liquid !

Tokens purchased in public sale will be much cheaper than the trading price however will have a vesting / lockup schedule to stabilize the market

So you can decide your pick !

JULY 19th 2021


JULY 17th 2021

Public Sale Starts In 2 Days And 13 Hours ….

EIFI Public sale will start in about 2 days from now at the price of $10

inside your backoffice

Our current trading price is over $70 on pankcake swap

You can verify it here:

The tokens being bought in pancake swap are at much higher price as decided by the market however are 100 % liquid !

Tokens purchased in public sale will be much cheaper than the trading price however will have a vesting / lockup schedule to stabilize the market

So you can decide your pick !

Team EIFI & alex alaska p


Congrats On Joining EIFI. If you haven’t already to receive your FREE EIFI, go here:

Your FREE 1 EIFI Token has been credited in your backoffice and you can collect 1 FREE Referral token for every verified referral !

EIFI is already trading on pancake swap for over $70 at the time of writing this email – So That’s Basically FREE money for you !

There is no minimum or maximum and the more people you refer to EIFI.Com FREE Airdrop – more FREE tokens you will collect

These tokens are in limited supply and will soon reduce from 1:1 ratio to 0.5:0.5 and then to 0.1:0.1

So make the best use of time and maximize your tokens !

Here are few rules you must be aware of to participate in this airdrop :

Make sure not to use fake email addresses or run bots to create fake accounts

Our compliance team will easily detect fake accounts and those fake accounts will be blocked and ur efforts waisted

These Free Tokens are only for honest hard-working community and only 1 account per family Per IP address will be considered. If you haven’t already to receive your FREE EIFI, go here:

Dont try to game the system

These FREE tokens will be released starting September into BSC wallets once our current ongoing private sale with ECC and soon to start public sale is over

There will be a vesting ( lockup) for the free referral tokens and you will be allowed to withdrawal a small amount monthly

There Is no rule for minimum or maximum referrals : Refer as many as you like ( No FAKE Referrals )

Be honest , play fair and let everyone have a fair chance

Also Make sure to follow and join our main social media channels in order to claim your tokens

Etherconnect, EIFI/ECC related info from admin and EIFI/ECC members that include posts, articles & videos can ALL be found here: blog

Telegram Channel :

Telegram Group :

Twitter Page :

Here Are Official EIFI Token Details

You can see all live trades here on poocoi , dextools + Token details on BSCScan

You can add EIFI token on pancake swap by choosing the option of adding custom tokens and entering this information

Token Official Smart Contract Address: 0xbbf33a3c83cf86d0965a66e108669d272dfe4214

Token Symbol : EIFI

Decimal Digits : 8

We infact encourage all of you to participate in trading with small amounts and have a flawless experience 😎😎

Also you can start earning passive income by providing liquidity for BNB-EIFI pair πŸ€‘πŸ€‘

Here is a quick tutorial on how to do that

This will have you start making a small % of every single transaction happening on BNB-EIFI pair inside pancake swap i.e every time someone buys EIFI or sell EIFI against BNB – you will earn a tiny percentage πŸ™‚ πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

Passive income at its best πŸ’°

Get busy spreading the word and lets get ready for an amazing 2021 with EIFI Finance ✊✊

Last but not the least , our tech team is already working behind the scenes to deliver a world class DEX exchange in next 30-45 days or so and the yield returns which you guys are about to expeirence are unheard of πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š

Upto 2000 % or more πŸš€πŸš€

Note : Private sale still continues inside ECC backoffice and soon public sale will start at EIFI.Com backoffice

Stay tuned for more details πŸ™‚

If you haven’t already to receive your FREE EIFI, go here:



JULY 15th 2021

The official EIFI site just opened up for new registrations. Make sure to register at link just below. You will receive 1 EIFI Token for just signing up AND you’ll get ONE EIFI Token for every referral you bring in. CLICK HERE to register.

*Watch this video first…

EYFI Changes To EIFI Due To Token Exploitation (Is This Legit?)

Now if you haven’t already CLICK HERE and go to the ‘Registration’ box to enroll. Remember, if you are going to purchase either EIFI or ECC token, ONLY
PURCHASE FROM the etherconnect site! you will save yourself a lot or grief and problems if you do so from the official site here.

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